I want hollow cheeks, how can I get them?

What is the best way to get hollow cheeks? I have always had more of a plump face and am looking to slim out my face a little bit. Is there a non-invasive option that is considered affordable? It would be nice to keep it under one thousand dollars, but if not, that’s not a big deal.


F, 33, California

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The best way to achieve the hollow cheeks look you’re interested in is through a surgery called buccal fat removal. The buccal fat pad is a strip of fat found inside the cheek at the back of the mouth and surrounded by facial muscles, cheek muscles and jaw muscles. By removing the buccal fat pad, your surgeon can give you the appearance of having better bone structure.

Buccal fat pad removal takes approximately one hour and is typically performed under sedation accompanied by local anesthesia. Your surgeon will make several incisions in the cheek and face muscles, at which point the fat is easily extracted.

People with various conditions that contribute to a chubby face, like Graves disease and certain thyroid problems, will not benefit from buccal fat removal. Also, many facial plastic surgeons feel the procedure should only be reserved for patients with particularly full cheeks. To learn more about the procedures available to hollow out your cheeks I suggest you contact a qualified, board-certified facial plastic surgeon in your area and schedule a consultation.

To achieve a hollow face with prominent cheekbones and optimal facial structure, it is often necessary to address several factors. This is particularly true in patients with large faces that may be a result of being overweight. The main factors that need to be addressed include the following:

Weight – Weight loss is often necessary to achieve the high cheekbones and chiseled look you’re seeking.

Lower cheek bloating – This is typically addressed through a procedure called buccal fat pad removal, which can be very effective for people who want that hollow cheek look. The buccal fat pad is often responsible for creating a chubby-looking face, something many patients complain about. By removing it, your facial plastic surgeon will help you achieve the hollow cheeks and thinner-looking face you desire.

Cheekbone prominence – Patients whose cheek bones lack projection may benefit from cheek implants or injectable facial fillers.

Droopy facial skin – This is usually more of a factor in older patients. It can be addressed through a facelift and/or other facial rejuvenation procedures.

If you’re interested in learning more about achieving hollow, flat cheeks and the appearance of better bone structure, you will need to arrange for a consultation with a board-certified plastic facial plastic surgeon. He or she will be able to determine the best approach to follow in order to reach your specific goals.

The natural way to reduce fat cheeks and achieve that hollow look is through weight loss, but this only works in some cases. The best option to reduce face fat characterized by puffy cheeks is to combine cheek implants, which provide lift and definition, with facial liposculpting and a possible injection of Radiesse in the jawline area. At my clinic this combination procedure takes about an hour and is performed with local anesthesia. The hollow or sunken cheeks you are seeking should appear within a week.

Some surgeons perform buccal fat pad extraction (a.k.a. buccal lipectomy) for this purpose, but I’m not a big proponent of this procedure. Patients who complain of a baby face in their twenties often still look young in their thirties and forties thanks to that baby fat. In this sense, what you may consider to be a fat face is actually good genetics. Moreover, as we age the fat pad loses volume on its own. In fact, in their later years, many patients actually seek more fullness rather than a reduction to the malar fat pad.