I'm experiencing a bottoming out effect of both breast implants

Hi, I recently had a breast augmentation and now experiencing a bottoming out effect of both implants, the right more so than the left. I am wondering if I should have the surgery to fix the problem, or exchange my implants all together for saline instead of silicone. Should I go to a different surgeon?  

Any help would be great!


F, 31, Arizona

Tags:1 year post-op

Bottoming out refers to stretching of the lower pole and auto dissection and weakening of the inframammary breast crease over time.  This results in an increased distance from the nipple to the inframammary breast crease and a bottom heavy appearance to the breast.  Repairing this entails supporting the inframammary breast breast which can be done using permanent sutures to plicate the implant capsule and possible using an acellular dermal matrix such as Strattice or Galaflex to support the implant and lower pole of the breast.