I'm in my 30s. When will I stop breaking out?

I'm very discouraged because I'm almost in my mid-30s and I'm still getting serious acne breakouts like a teenager! I'm mindful that because I live in a city, there's a lot of pollution and my pores do get clogged. Plus, there are all kind of contributing factors. But I'm diligent in keeping my face clean because of those factors. Is there something I could be doing to prevent or, at least, discourage breakouts? Something new and improved that I've yet to hear of?

There could be a hormonal component to your breakouts, I see it all the time in women of child bearing age.  There is a medicine called spironolactone that can help tremendously if it is hormonal.  Often it is combination of factors so it would probably be best to talk to your doc about it.

P.S. The clarisonic brush is a great tool for exfoliating your skin without causing irritation or inflammation.

Have you tried facial creams like Retin-A or medicines like Accutane?