Interested in Filler but Scared of Looking Like a Chipmunk

I'm interested in starting filler treatments but I'm very afraid of getting the much dreaded chipmunk look. What causes this? Is this caused by a doctor not knowing what he/she is doing and overfilling the patient? Or is this because some patients are insane and want to get rid of every little line they see, resulting in what my friends call 'freak face?' Perhaps a combination of both?


F, 39, New York

in my experience the chipmunk look basically never happens in our clinic.  the reason is that we believe in very small, correctly placed increments of filler at a time, not a big change in one shot.  also, many patients unfortunately bargain shop where it come to these treatments, and end up getting treated by inexperienced injectors.  do your research.  see someone who is trusted and has high marks.

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At our office, we like for patient's to look natural and refreshed, never over done. The chipmunk look is acquired by putting too much filler in the cheeks. You should always look for an injector with a strong understanding of facial anatomy and the same natural aesthetic you are looking for.

-Lauren, Patient Coordinator

Martha, it's a combination of injectors who do not understand facial anatomy and facial harmony, and patients who get used to the result of a fill and want more and more. Many non-plastic surgeons (and non-MDs) offer treatments. Placing filler is not so difficult- it's like applying makeup. But only an artist/anatomist/provider with a sound understanding of facial anatomy and shadows will help you find that sweet spot. BE PICKY and don't shop based on price :)

Hello Martha, fillers are an excellent treatment for many issues we see in the face, including restoring lost volume, improving folds, lines and wrinkles and even providing support in the midface and brow regions.  As with any cosmetic procedure, experience, technique and good aesthetic judgement are important to get excellent results.  This includes helping patients recognize unrealistic expectations.  If you go to a good facial surgeon with experience using fillers I think you will be pleased with your outcome.