Is 2 weeks enough recovery time for a Brazilian butt lift?

I work full time but I have plenty of PTO. However my company doesn’t usually allow for anything more than 2 consecutive weeks off, unless of course it’s for a legitimate medical reason. Would that be enough time for me to have a Brazilian butt lift and fully recover? I am a little afraid of something happening during the recovery process that might require me to take more time, which would put me in a bit of a pickle since I really don’t want my coworkers knowing that I’m having it done.


F, 32, Ohio

Hi Mela6va:


2 weeks should be a adequate recovery time.  You want to sit as little as possible over that first two weeks because that is the critical time for revascularization of the fat.  It is important still to have special padding when you are sitting for up to six weeks.  You should be able to get back to all other activities at work at two weeks without everyone knowing what you had done.


Dr. Ken Stein