Is Bilateral Breast Augmentation the same thing as normal BA?

I've been reading lots of articles about breast enhancement and this term came up a lot. Is this the way surgeons refer to this procedure or does it mean something else?


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Bilateral Breast Augmentation and BA (breast augmentation) or BBA are all the same. Bilateral would only mean "both sides" or "both breasts".

Be sure you always choose a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Yes, Bilateral breast augmentation is the same thing as BA (breast augmentation).

The word bilateral is a "doctor" word that means both sides- and I bet you want an implant on both your right and left breasts!  I know it can be confusing, especially when you start to look at implants styles, profiles and sizes. Find a board certified PS with good reviews and photos and be prepared with questions in your consultation. A good surgeon will listen and also explain! I think it is a good ideas to meet with several surgeons so you feel comfortable with your choice.

Best of luck on your journey and decision process.

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  No that is what they are referring to. Good Luck!

BA is simple short hand for "breast augmentation."  Nothing special.  It's the standard term for breast enhancement surgery with implants.

Bilateral breast augmentation simply means that both breasts were augmented. This is the norm. So when reading the term breast augmentation it usually means both sides.