Is Botox the best for frown lines (number 11 lines)?

These number 11 lines make me look tired all of the time and I'm sick of people telling me to smile more and be more radiant. Creams definitely don't work so my last solution is an injectable. After rigorous research, I've discovered that Botox is the most recommended drug for frown lines, but I know Botox is permanent. I'm a bit scared to try something permanent as my first cosmetic treatment ever. I don't know. Maybe I'm just paranoid. What other solutions are there?


F, 42, Utah

Hi MaryEJen:

Botox is usually the first line for treating the 11 lines.  If these are present when you are not animating then you may need a filler.  My favorite filler is fat because it has a permanent effect.

Dr. Ken Stein