Is Botox an Efficient Treatment for Gummy Smile?

I have what is called an excessive gingival display and have realized it's time I finally address this issue and do something about it. From what I understand, a botulinum toxin injection should be enough to correct my smile. But how efficient is this treatment? Does it work right away?


F, 27, Delaware

It takes about 4-5 days to work and may improve the amount of gingiva that is showing when you smile.  However, you will have a weakness to your upper lip that may be bothersome.  Unfortunately, you will likely have to try it to see if it works and see if you are OK with the weakness.  I strongly recommend going to someone who has a lot of experience with this.  Good luck!

Yes, it will help lower the lip to cover the gum areas. It is very important for this area, to be sure to go to an experienced Injector, Placement is key for this area, as symmetry can be very difficult. Longevity for this treatment is about 8-12 weeks. 


   It is a very good treatment to a gummy smile, and Botox usually take 4-7 days to take full effect. Fillers are also a good consideration to increase your lip that can help camoulflage an excessive gummy smile. Good Luck