Is Botox a good option to use on frown lines?

I’m 44 and would like to get rid of my frown lines. Is Botox a good option to help reduce the look of them, or should I be considering other alternatives? I know there are a lot of filler options out there today and it’s tough to tell what works best.

Botox is the best option for frown lines. Other facial fillers are meant for other areas of the face or lips, but Botox has been the Gold Standard for frown lines for good works!

Hi Danielle. For frown lines your best option is botox. What is really important to know is that the frown lines that are already there and are there at rest often will not completely resolve. Botox helps prevent the movement that creates the frown lines. Think of wrinkles as a form of scar tissue. If you stop the movement that causes the scar, the scar will still remain. For crevices, some doctors will use filler in that area. Many doctors consider filling that area a "no fly zone" because there are a lot of blood vessels in that area. Because of that the risk of complications in that area, specifically getting filler in a blood vessel is a risk. If you do choose to get filler in the area make sure that you go to someone that has a lot of experience filling that area. For any fine lines that remain, we use resurfacing with lasers. I hope that helps!!!