Is Botox paralysis a myth?

Ok - so everyone loves telling that one story they heard about someone who can't move their face from Botox. Is this just the case of people being misinformed about the dangers of the procedure and just repeating the non-sense they hear from an uneducated person? How safe is getting injections done?


F, 41, Connecticut

Botox is very safe and effective when performed by and experienced and skilled practitioner. There is always a risk of complications, and the "frozen" look is one of them. But these complications and bad outcomes are far less common in experienced hands than with someone who just does injections occasionally.

Dear Angie, Those horror stories are definitely out there. Botox is the most studied medication in the last couple decades and is used today on your children through the elderly for many different treatments, so it is safe. It is important to see someone skilled in botox treatments, and not just seek out the place where it is cheapest.  Later this week, my blog post will be "Basics of Botox" so keep an eye out for it! I wish you success with your Botox journey!