Is a breast augmentation or a breast fat transfer best for me? How does the price compare?

I am 38, 5'2 and 110lbs. I am a mother of two, my youngest being 8. I breast fed both of my children, and while that did cause sagging, my breasts still had volume. From January of 2017, I have lost 60lbs and the last 10lbs completely deflated my breasts. I do not mind sagging, I prefer to look natural, however the stretched out empty skin is killing me. I wear a bra size 34D, I was a 36E beforehand. I would like to stay a 34 D just fuller. Unsure if I would like a small implant to fill in my deflated breasts or fat transfer. The sagging does not bother me and I would prefer not to lift


F, 41, New York

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Hi.  At 110lbs, I don't think you will have enough fat to adequately fill in the parts of your breasts that have deflated.  Most likely an implant will serve your needs better.  Go for a consultation with a PS that performs both of these procedures so you can find out definitively based on your anatomy what your options and expectations are.  Best of luck!

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Sorry for your problem and I would go on some complimentary consultations with experts and compare recommendations after a full examination and discussion of desired results 

Dr Corbin

Fat grafting/transfer will not adequately fill your breast volume.  Fat grafting is only reliable to fill out small deficits of the breasts, and possibly to increase the breast a cup size when used after treatment with an expansion device like the BRAVA.  And, at 5'2" and 110 pounds, it is not likely that you will have sufficient fat to graft at all.  That said, and appropriate sized implant would be the best option for you.  Without photos it's difficult to assess, but from your description, it sounds like you would likely need some sort of lift or breast skin envelope tightening.  Otherwise, you are at a high risk of a "double bubble", where the breasts ends up sagging below the implant.