Is breast augmentation easier the second time?

I had my breasts done in 2008 and I was very happy with them.  Since then I am a mother of two and my breasts seem like they could definitely use another breast augmentation or maybe even a lift.  Is there a difference with a breast augmentation the second time around?  I am familiar with the recovery that it takes but I was wondering if the procedure is easier since the pockets are already in place with my current implants.  Thanks!


F, 39, Washington

Great question.  Once the pockets are made in the first breast augmentation, they do not need to be made again.  Therefore, the recovery from a second breast augmentation (implant exchange) is usually not as uncomfortable as the first augmentation.  This is especially the case if the implants were placed under the muscle.  If you need to have a lift at the same time, there is not much discomfort from that procedure.

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Yes, there should be significantly less discomfort post-op from an implant revision surgery. The breast implants in a second breast augmentation use the same pockets as the first surgery.

The second procedure takes less time and requires less anesthesia so there's also a lower chance of postoperative nausea.

For breast augmentation patients with submuscular implants the second augmentation surgery is typically much easier since the chest muscle has already been stretched.

Overall, you'll get quicker results with less pain and discomfort the second time around.

After your first breast augmentation you had to wait a couple months before seeing final results and going shopping for new bras and bathing suits. With a secondary breast augmentation you should be able to see the final results more or less by the time you get home after surgery.

Always remember to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for best results.

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Yes, the recovery time for breast augmentation revisions and second augmentation surgeries is typically faster than the initial breast augmentation.

During the first breast surgery, first-timers typically deal with more swelling and bruising because a pocket must be surgically created where there wasn’t one before. During a second breast augmentation the same pocket can be used, making for a shorter procedure time and a shorter recovery time.

You should see your final results much more quickly than you did the first time around. You'll likely need to wear a sports bra for three weeks following the surgery until the incision heals, but after that you should be able to wear anything you want.

In the event you're upsizing to much larger implants it's possible the existing pocket won't be large enough for the new implant size, in which case it will need to be expanded and recovery times will be longer.

Yes!  It is usually easier when you exchange the implants than when you have them put in the 1st time. The chest muscle needs to be stretched the 1st time, and this is what causes much of the soreness.  But the 2nd time, since this muscle has already been stretched, the pain is usually much less from surgery, and the recovery is usually much easier.  Best of luck!

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