Is a buccal fat pad reduction a good procedure for me?

Hi! I'm a healthy (nonsmoker, thin/fit, and in general good health) 18 year old girl.

I am young to think about undergoing a buccal fat pad reduction, so I am wondering if I could still be a decent candidate in spite of my age. My mom is in her forties, but she has very pronounced buccal fat. I think I look fairly similar to her. I don't want to get rid of all of my buccal fat because I'm so young, but I wonder if I got about 1/2 removed, would that create a more contoured look to my cheekbones and jawline (as my buccal fat extends across about the middle of my jawline)? Also, could reduction of my buccal fat make my lips look larger? 


F, 21, Massachusetts

Removing buccal fat can definitely help with creating a more contoured jawline and cheekbones. Of course with a more contoured face you may notice your lops more pronounced, but usually this is achieved best through lip fillers or an augmentation. I highly suggest you seek a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon that would take your age into consideration and be able to better advise you based on your desired outcomes.

Buccal fat pad removal mainly affects the cheeks and only minimally the jaw line. The main impact is sculpting the cheeks and better defining the cheek bones. The swelling that occurs can take 3-6 months to see final changes. It is difficult to give you realistic expectations without photos or a consultation. I would recommend going to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has done a fellowship in craniofacial surgery!

Good Luck!