Is butt surgery the same as a Brazilian butt lift?

Like my question asks, is butt surgery the same as a Brazilian butt lift? If not what are the differences? I am only 22 and I actually just had a nose job a year ago. Now I feel like I’ve gotten over the hump and want to start improving my looks in other parts of my body. I hate my butt and want it to look bigger and fuller.


F, 24, New York

A Brazilian buttock lift is one type of surgery to improve the appearance of your buttocks.  It does so by a combination of liposuction to the areas around the buttocks and fat grafting to the buttocks themselves.  This adds shape and volume to the buttocks.  Another type of surgery to shape the buttocks is buttock implants.  This is often performed on very thin patients who do not have enough fat to graft.  Both are good options with advantages and disadvantages.  You can use zwivel to start an online virtual consultation with doctors in your area to see which options are right for you.