Is a chin implant the best way to fix a weak chin?

My partner just had some work done on his nose, and it got me thinking about making my chin more pronounced. What is the typical cost of a chin implant, and is it the best way to fix a weak looking chin? Should I be considering other types of injections or is an implant really the only way to go if I want lasting results?


M, 37, Tennessee

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Chin implants are a good way to fix a "weak" chin.  You may even be a candidate for moving the bones so that you don't need an implant.  Sometimes fillers can work too.  BUT, you must go for an evaluation to see what the cause of the weak chin is before you decide on the treatment.  Sometimes, it isn't actually a problem with your chin... could be your jaw or other facial bones.  Make an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in craniofacial surgery.  Then you can get the real answer to your question.