Is the CO2 Laser procedure dangerous if done under eyes?

Under my eyes i have several viral papillomas that really bother me every time I wash my face and even apply makeup. No matter how much foundation I apply or how much I try to hide them I still notice them when I look in the mirror. I have a cousin that removed hers with CO2 Laser but she had them on her neck. Mine, being positioned right beneath the eyes where the skin is very sensitive, makes me question the procedure. Is it dangerous to use CO2 Laser this close to the eyes? Are there other recommended procedures for my problem?


F, 28, Utah

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Yes, you can treat skin lesions on the lower eyelid with CO2 or Erbium laser.  The lasers are very precise and with experienced laser physicians the results can be excellent.

We often treat xanthelasma under the eyes.  It usually takes 2 sessions and the area can take up to 8 to 12 days to recover with the redness lasting up to 2 months. 

Ken Oleszek, MD
La Fontaine Aesthetics
Denver, Colorado