Is CoolSculpting good at reducing the double chin?

I did some research on CoolSculpting but I didn't understand if it can be used to remove chin fat too. All the videos are showing doctors performing this treatment on the lower part of the body. I would think the chin should be more sensitive. Are patients using CoolSculpting on their chin?


F, 47, Maryland

Coolsculpting has a new attachment specifically developed to address chin fat. This is an out patient procedure taking 30-60min with no recovery or anesthesia in trade for a 20% improvement. We have two  in my office and have been very excited about the results.

In my opinion VERY poor option. Expensive, time intensive to see results, painful with other complications! I recommend either lipo under local with ThermiSmooth or Thermi Tight RF .. 

Absolutely- there is a specific adaptor for the Neck/Chin area that has shown some impressive results. Good Luck!