Is facelift without surgery a real thing?

I know about facelift tape - although I've serious doubts about how well that could possibly work - but do other non-surgical facelift procedures actually exist? I know there's a slew of questionable skin care products that claim to be "almost like getting a facelift" at the pharmacy and various beauty salons, but I'm not interested in miracle skin creams, I'm talking about a "real" facelift that doesn't require surgery. Outside of facelift tape, does anything like this exist? A true facelift without surgery? And if it really does, just how good are the results and where could I find some?


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There is NO non surgical FaceLifts! The closest semi results are with the minimally invasive suture lifts, i.e. PDO Threads or the Silhouette InstrLifts. But if you have excess skin and sagging than ONLY a surgical intervention can offer you the best results.>>> 

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A facelift by definition is a surgical procedure that involves removing excess skin and frequently elevating muscles and fat pads.  Anything that doesn't involve the above is not a facelift.  Many people advertise these "non-surgical facelifts", and some may give benefit, and may even be good in carefully selected patients- read-people who really don't need a lift.  Others may initially give an improvement but even that is very short lived.  Usually, someone who does these procedures is NOT a plastic surgeon, so bad results may ensue.  Be sure to only go to a board certified plastic surgeon.


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No- There are no substitutes for a surgical facelift. All other non-invasive modalities have a role in improving changes to the aging face but are not a substitute for a surgical facelift at this time. Good Luck!

If it sounds to good to be true it usually is not true. It is a marketing scheme to get people that do not want to have surgery, to buy their product. They promote things like no down time, less expensive , etc. but they will never replace a surgical facelift. Some products can help regain lost fullness, like fillers,but they will never replace a surgical correction