Is the fat always taken from the same place for a BBL?

My question is can the fat that is injected into your butt for the lift be taken from anywhere on your body where there's fat or can the patient decide where they'd like to take the fat from? In my case, I can spare the fat from my breasts more than I can from any other area on my body--that is what would work best for me. I don't know how much fat is needed for the Brazilian butt lift though. Will that determine where the fat is transferred from?


F, 35, Tennessee

Hi Vixenn:

Fat can be taken from anywhere in the body, but certainly the patient can decide exactly what areas.  If you don't allow the Dr. to take it from enough areas to get enough fat, then your buttock augmentation will be compromised.  My harvest areas include the abdomen, midriff, flanks, breasts, back, medial thighs, posterior thighs, lateral thighs, knees, calves, and pre-axillae.  Of course it depends on how much fat you have in each area, and again if you want fat taken from that area.  It may be hard to get an adequate buttock augmentation by just taking fat from your breasts unless they are really fatty.  The other problem is that if too much fat is taken from just your breasts then your breasts might sag.

Dr. Ken Stein

Fat can be taken from anywhere there's excess fat.  In my experience thighs, abdomen, and love handles are best.