Is fat transfer to lips a good option or not?

I have heard that fat transfer can be used for lip augmentation but will the results last as long as filler? Is it a good option for lips?


F, 39, New Hampshire

Hyaluronic acid fillers are a better option. They last anywhere from 6 months- 1 year and stimulate collagen production where injected. 

-Lauren, Patient Coordinator

Hi amfn99

Fat transfers have been tried for the lips but have not been that effective in the long run.


I  no longer perform fat transfer to the lips, although I do use it for other  parts of the face and body. This is because there is a lot of postop swelling and there is a high rate of absorption. In addition there can be lumps palpable. It is so much easier to use Juvederm which does not require any surgery, and you can return to work almost immediately.

Fat transfer CAN be used for lip enhancement, but the cost and effort involved are too great for most patients to make it a realistic option in my practice.