Is Fraxel Restore better for large nose pores or Botox?

The pores on my nose are killing me. Is a fraxel laser better or will Botox be a more realistic option? I do my best to keep my face clean on a daily basis, but I think the damage has been done on my pores. For some reason, no matter what I try, nothing seems to make my pores smaller.


F, 34, Utah

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Botox works to smooth fine lines and wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the muscles that are contributing to them.  Large pores are a skin care issue and will not be affected at all by Botox treatment.  Fraxel Restore is one option to smooth the surface of the skin, largely by inducing collagen formation rather than any effects it may have on the pores.  I suggest you consult with a dermatologist as there are skin care options that will specifically target issues related to your pores.