Is a full mommy makeover the best solution?

My pregnancy left me with loose, sagging skin on my belly and arms. My breasts don't look great either… I need to get back in shape fast. I love my kids, and being a mom was the greatest thing that ever happened to me but… I can't stand seeing myself in the mirror now. What do you recommend I do? I used to have a firm body, did a lot of sports, and my appearance is something I care about a lot. Need help!

Thank you!


F, 40, California

Great question that we hear all the time.  The answer is that you should consult with a qualified plastic surgeon to discuss what options are available to addressing the areas that you are interested in improving.  Breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, and arm lifts are all great options for appropriate candidates.  Make sure you ask the risks and benefits of each procedures, as well as the options of doing multiple areas at the same time.  Good luck!

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Dear OliveKay,

Thank you for your question. Being a mother is a wonderful experience but pregnancy will leave some permanent changes to your body.  Despite good eating habits and exercise some these changes can not be improved. This were plastic surgery skill and expertise can be helpful. Procedures such as breast augmentation +/- lift, liposuction and tummy tuck are extremely helpful. Also an arm lift and/or liposuction can be helpful since you mentioned a concern about your arms. 

Best wishes. 

Earl Stephenson, Jr, MD,DDS,FACS