Is Hydrocortisone safe to use on Active Acne?

I do not have any time to make it into the dermatologist’s office and want to try hydrocortisone on some of my active acne to help with the swelling. Are there any risks to this? I am super self conscious about all of this so I need to find something that will at least help me out for the time being.


F, 39, Utah

I would not recommend self-medicating with hydrocortisone.  Often acne blemishes turn into an infectious process.  Hydrocortisone prevents the body from dealing with infection and can make it worse and with worse scarring.  

You could consider going to your PCP's office if the flare is truly significant.

At our clinic we offer acne injections for $30 to calm down blemishes very quickly.

Ken Oleszek, MD

La Fontaine Aesthetic