Is IPL safe for the skin if exposed to it for a long period?

I have been documenting about IPL and most of the forums and beauty centers say that it takes more than 5 sessions to have the best results. My skin pigment is very light which is recommended but I am afraid that a longer exposure for this procedure might do harm to the skin. I can't find a clear answer about the safety of this procedure. Can you please clarify if IPL is dangerous or not for the skin if exposed for long periods of time?


F, 38, Nevada

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Most IPL patients need 5-10 treatments for optimal results.  Light skin typically does well with IPL treatments.  I am not aware of any serious harm reported in the literature with the typical treatment protocols.  You will of course have to speak with a physician about how all of this applies to your actual skin, since no one can really give you medical advice on the internet without examining you.

I am not aware of any serious harm that IPL can do to the skin. Light skin usually does great with laser treatments and reduces the chances of hypopigmentation. 

-Lauren, Patient Coordinator