Is it normal to have severe upper back pain after breast augmentation?

I had my breasts done 2 weeks ago and my back, mainly my upper back has been in a lot of pain.  I am not sure if it's the way I have been sleeping or from the procedure itself.  Has a patient ever complained about severe upper back pain after a breast augmentation before?  Is this something that will just pass as I continue to recover? 


F, 28, Ohio

Upper back pain is a common complaint after breast augmentation surgery. Unfortunately, since you’re only two weeks out from your breast implant surgery, you're not ready to use NSAID painkillers just yet because there's still a risk of bleeding.

At this point  you're likely still spending the night in an upright sleeping position, which can add to muscle tension in the upper back. You should speak with your plastic surgeon about whether or not you're ready to start sleeping on your side.

Back and shoulder pain typically subside within 6 weeks of the surgery as your body gradually adjusts to the extra weight.

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I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing back pain. This is a common issue after breast augmentation surgery that will pass as you continue to recover.

Sleeping in an upright position is likely putting extended stress on your back muscles. However, your muscles may also be stretched by the implants themselves for the first few weeks of the post-op period.

The pectoralis muscles of the chest are directly connected to muscles in your back. So while it might seem counterintuitive, your back muscles are likely doing some extra stretching to accommodate your new implants.

Additionally, the added weight from the implants -- particularly if you received large breast implants -- can cause you to slouch forwards and place additional strain on your back muscles.

I suggest doing a range of motion exercises along with some light stretching to help your muscles adjust.

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  That is very likely from how your are sleeping post operatively. I wouldn't recommend to try and find a more comfortable sleeping position to alleviate some of the discomfort. Good Luck and hope your recovery gets easier.

NO! Best to see your surgeon on Monday fir i person examination and maybe a chest X-Ray or more?>>>>>>>>>