Is it normal for pubic area to be higher after a tummy tuck?

I had my tummy tuck over 3 months ago, and my pubic area (mons I think it’s called), is significantly higher than it was pre surgery. My doctor told me this was a possibility but I thought he said it was uncommon for it to be significant enough to notice.


F, 43, California

The pubic area can be pulled higher with a tummy tuck but usually the pubic area is tacked down to the deeper tissue to prevent this from happening. At this point I would recommend scar massage to see if you get it to soften and relax during the healing process. If this does not help then you may need a revision of that area. Please follow up with your surgeon or find a board Certified plastic surgeon to help guide you through the process. Good luck!

The elevation of the pubic area is usually compensated for at the time of the abdominoplasty by the incision placement. If in spite of this your pubic area is too high you will need to wait until the skin is fully healed and mobile, then a revision can be easily performed.The revision would be just of the pubic area and probably would be done with local anesthesia.

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