Is it okay to be overweight and have a breast reduction?

If I am a bit overweight, would it be wise to hold off on getting a breast reduction until after I lose some weight? I want to lose 25-30 pounds in the next 6 months. I say that now, but who knows. Just trying to understand if there are any downsides to having surgery before significant weight loss.


F, 37, Texas

I would always recommend losing any desired weight prior to a surgery that you want your best cosmetic outcome.

Although a breast reduction if usually an insurance procedure due to medical complications like back pain or headaches, I do not know a single woman who does not care about the cosmetic look and scarring after surgery. Weight changes after surgery can effect the droopiness.

All that being said, I want my patients to be below a 30BMI due to an increased risk for complication and wound  healing


Jack Peterson MD

It's best to have BMI around 30 or under, but often we accept patients up to BMI 35 as long as they are otherwise healthy, for breast reduction surgery.

We do usually recommend weight loss for overweight patients prior to surgery but it depends on your body mass index (BMI) and general health. Can you share what your height and weight is? Any medical problems? Also, photos are helpful in order to counsel you on techniques.

Here is our breast reduction page:

-- Dr. Sayed

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