Is it okay to get pregnant after liposuction?

I’m still young and plan on having a baby in the next few years. Is it okay to have liposuction before getting pregnant or is it recommended to wait until after? I’m mainly curious about two things. Safety and if the results will last, or if I’ll end up needing lipo again with the possible weight gain from pregnancy.


F, 34, Virginia

normally when you gained weight either by increasing her caloric intake or by decreasing your exercise or combination of both, your fat cells grow and capture these extra calories in the form of fat.  This is also the way that he gained weight when your pregnant.  When you have Lipo suction or a tummy tuck you're actually removing those fat cells and then the excess calories would go to the remaining fat cells.  I guess what I'm trying to tell you is that it doesn't really matter with the get pregnant before after the suction-assisted lipectomy.  If you have Lipo suction before pregnancy then lose the weight after childbirth then you should be getting back to your original shape that you have after the liposuction..