Is it okay to have a tummy tuck done with liposuction?

Do the two procedures need to be done at separate times, or is it okay to have both done together? The reason I want to know is that I think I would benefit from having both. I’m not really overweight, but I can’t seem to get rid of the fat and loose skin above my pubic area. I’d love to avoid going through the recovery process twice if possible.


F, 41, Nevada

Absolutely!  The hips or flanks are common areas to treat with liposuction at the time of your tummy tuck.  This really sculpts the results to sine better than Some other areas, like the upper abdomen, cannot be treated simultaneously.  Best of luck!

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Thank you for sharing your question.  Yes, Liposuction can be done with a Tummy Tuck, with limitations.  The flank area, also known as "love handles", is a safe area for Liposuction as well as the upper back, thighs and arms.  The abdominal area is vital to the healing of your Tummy Tuck incision.  In other words, if too much Liposuction is performed in the upper and lower abdomen during a Tummy Tuck, you will most likely develop complications and have extremely poor healing.  Mild Liposuction of the area is fine.  In your case you mentioned the area above the pubis.  During an Abdominoplasty, most Plastic Surgeons lift the Mons Pubis a bit to flatten it.  Your best bet would be to have a few consultations with Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in your area.  I hope this was helpful to you.

Best Wishes, Dr. B.

Hi there! 

Liposuction is routinely done in combination with tummy tuck. Our approach, which we like to call the "Timmy Tuck" (after Tim Sayed MD), which includes bringing up the mons pubis (pubic mound), a full tummy tuck with muscle fascia tightening, and liposuction of the love handles. Sometimes we do judicious liposuction of the central and upper abdomen, but we have to be careful with that, so we don't compromise blood supply to the incision area in the lower abdomen. Lipo to the flanks (love handles) at the same time as a tummy tuck is routine in most plastic surgeons' hands.

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-- Dr. Sayed

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In our practice we combine lipo and tummy tuck commonly in the right candidates. Be sure to discuss your goals and concerns with your board certified plastic surgeon and consider the pros and the cons. Be certain your surgeon is properly certified.