Is it possible to fix a flat butt with injections?

Is there even a such thing as just getting butt injections like botox or other fillers? Or would you need to get a full Brazilian butt lift with fat injections? I would prefer to avoid surgery, so implants or a lift are both pretty much out of the question. I just want some more volume, nothing crazy.


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No, using injectable fillers to augment the buttocks is not an option. It is both ineffective and potentially dangerous. Injecting large amounts of fillers will increase the risk of a dangerous embolism, not to mention the risk of the filler migrating from the treatment site to other areas, where it can cause inflammation and severe scarring and hardening.

Essentially, you have two options: exercise and surgery. However, the amount of exercise needed to make a serious impact is significant. Also, if you stop exercising the effects will soon go away.

The surgical options available to fix a flat butt are fat transfer and butt implantation with silicone implants.

I personally feel that fat transfer isn’t worth the time or money, because the fat largely disappears within six to 12 months. Another thing to consider is the fact that if you intentionally gain weight in anticipation of your BBL procedure, any weight loss you experience later will come in the form of fat loss from your buttocks. Also, while using your own fat is fairly safe, in rare cases the procedure can cause a dangerous side effect called fat embolism, whereby fat gets into the bloodstream and makes its way up to the lungs, heart or brain. The more fat that’s transferred, the higher the likelihood of such an embolism.

Implants, on the other hand, are a great way to fix flat buttocks. They are permanent and, when placed correctly, have a natural, aesthetically pleasing look. In fact, in my practice I see patients every week seeking butt implants because the effects of their Brazilian butt lift wore off. These patients visit my office because they want a more permanent solution, and butt implants are that solution.

If you do decide to pursue butt augmentation and/or lift, choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing this procedure. Make sure that he or she performs the surgery in an accredited surgical facility. Also ask to see before and after photos of patients with body types similar to yours, and check to see that the results seem consistent and attractive.

Buttocks injections are not a good way to fix a flat butt. Botox would never be an option because it is not a filler. The quantity of any actual filler material needed to create a fuller butt would be enormous, and injecting a quantity like this would pose safety questions.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need surgery in order to augment your buttocks. Your glute muscles (gluteus maximus, gluteus medius), hip flexor and other muscle groups in the lower body such as the right leg and left leg can be enhanced through a workout routine that includes exercises such as:

  • Glute exercises and glute training
  • Leg exercises and leg training
  • Hip thrust
  • Hip Extension
  • Forward lunges
  • Step up
  • Leg presses
  • Other weight training

These exercises may or may not work for you depending on your body weight and other factors. Consider meeting with a personal trainer to learn more about which specific exercises will help you achieve a better butt.

If exercise doesn’t work, or if you’re interested in going the surgical route, meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in butt augmentation procedures to discuss the options. The least invasive option is fat transfer, a.k.a. Brazilian butt lift. The other main option is butt augmentation with implants.

There are a lot of good butt contouring options out there today, but injectables are not one of them. In fact, there really are no non-invasive cosmetic procedures for fixing a flat butt that are both safe and effective. Sadly, in recent years we have seen a rash of hideous complications — some life-threatening — stemming from butt procedures performed by unscrupulous people with no medical training. Whatever you do, please pay attention and don’t fall victim to one of these charlatans; only seek treatment from a board-certified plastic surgeon.

When performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, one effective method is the Brazilian butt lift (BBL). This procedure harvests fat from other parts of the body where there is excess fat and injects it into the central area of the butt cheeks. Donor sites often include the flanks and back of the waist, the outer thighs, the back and the tummy. Brazilian butt lift also incorporates liposuction to give the buttocks a rounded appearance.

Botox is not a filler, it is a toxin that is used to paralyze muscles in the face to diminish wrinkles, so that would not work.  A Brazilian buttock lift (BBL) with fat grafting is still the best option, especially when performed correctly with liposcupture to the surrounding areas.  Buttock lifts are great options for patients who have lost weight and their buttocks have dropped.  These can be done in conjunction with a BBL.  Implants to the buttocks are still done commonly, but that would not be a good option for someone like you as it would be too invasive.  Sculptra is the one filler that is being used now for adding volume to the buttocks.  It is non-surgical, but it requires many cc's of filler and will cost about $12,000.  The results last about 2 years.  DO NOT opt for silicone injections to the buttocks.  That will be a disaster for you and will cause problems with infections, inflammation, and appearance that likely cannot be corrected.