Is it possible to have a fat transfer under your eyes?

Is it possible to correct hollowness under your eyes by having a fat transfer? Unless I’m missing something, a fat transfer is more natural than any type of injectable. If that’s the case why wouldn’t everyone choose fat injections over something like botox? Does it just cost more?


F, 39, Nebraska

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Hi JoseFa1:  It is possible to transfer fat under the eyes to fill in the hollows.  It is the best technique if done properly.  There is a possibility of lumpiness if not done properly so you must go to a board certified plastic surgeon that does this procedure regularly.  I prefer fat to any other filler under the eyes.  I typically use nanofat which greatly decreases the risk of lumpiness but a minor additional procedure at minimal cost may be necessary.

Dr. Ken Stein

Hi JoseFa:  It is possible to transfer fat under the eyes to fill in hollowness.  It can work very well and usually is permanent and very natural.  It does cost more than temporary fillers and it does involve a minor surgical procedure.  Ideally, Nanofat is used because it is less likely to cause lumps which is the major problem with fat grafting.  Not everyone is qualified to do fat grafting and that is why most people do absorbable fillers.  Make sure that you see a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in fat transfer.

Dr. Ken Stein