Is it possible for implant pocket to be too small?

I had a revision done almost 3 weeks on left side due to uneven nipples and sagging on left side, so the doctor did stitches inside to move implant towards center and stitches below to raise boob.

Now, I have a bit of discomfort and still having some drainage coming out of incision, and I noticed a bubble forming underneath implant closer to center. I even asked doctor if pocket was too small after 2nd week. She said no, that there was still some swelling.  

I am concerned that after moving implant, pocket was too small and now the shape is not normal on appearance compared to right side. What should I do?


F, 57, Texas

Tags:3 weeks post-op

140 is too high. You will need medication most likely to get you down to normal prior to surgery. It is not a good idea to have surgery and anesthesia with that high of a blood pressure. 

3 weeks post-op I would just continue to wait. Often time when we correct a problem like that we "overcorrect" it, in your case to move the implant in and up. Give it time to settle out b/c often the pocket will stretch, which is why we overcorrect it. Hope this helps.