Is it possible to perform a revision on an otoplasty?

I had an otoplasty 3 months ago and I am not happy with the results. My Doctor and I settled on a look that we wanted to achieve and it did not happen. I went back to them and they said that a revision could be performed. Why would I want a revision from the same doctor that did not do it right the first time?


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It depends upon what is wrong.  If there was a suture failure which needs to be replaced, your doctor could do that. The difficulty with revision for the next surgeon lies with the fact that the previous surgery is an unknown and is best known by the original surgeon.  That's the reason why revisions are better done by the original surgeon.  He best knows what the next step might be to create a better effect.   If it was the particular technique which your doctor used which didn't have the desired effect and he does not plan to alter the approach but just do more, then you may want to seek another opinion.  Just know that the problem which is causing your unhappiness might not be correctable by the next surgeon.  It's difficult to tell without pictures.

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