Is it really safe to have a Brazilian Butt Lift?

From what I can tell, plastic surgery in general has come a long way, but as someone who hasn’t really had any work done, how safe are Brazilian Butt Lifts? Unless I’m wrong it just involves removing fat from one area of your body and transferring to your butt, so I guess it’s probably just as safe as any other type of major procedure (as long as you find a trusted doctor of course). It does seem like a really sensitive area though, where a lot could go wrong. Especially since you’re pretty much using the muscles in your butt most of the day to move around and to sit down.


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Brazilian Butt Lift has become an extremely popular procedure, and is one I have personally been performing for about 8 years. Having had performed many liposuctions over the years, it was natural to transition to injecting the fat back into areas and more successfully "sculpting" one's body. As Dr. Sayed mentioned, expectations are important. Not all fat transferred will survive the transfer and some volume loss is to be expected. One of the most exciting advances made has been in how the suctioned fat is handled. I utilize a closed system of fat transfer so that there is less risk of contamination, better separation of fat from fluid, and easier more controlled injections. Some physicians do not have access to this type of equipment. I recommend searching for a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has experience with BBL.

Obviously, BBL has gotten some negative publicity recently, mostly because of some complications that have occurred in high volume, low cost centers (concentrated in Miami). I used to be based primarily in Miami but am now based more in southern California, where the regulations on the practice of medicine are more strict for patient safety and business practices. Having said that, the key to BBL is technique and preparation: setting appropriate expectations, not overdoing the amount of fat injection, and performing the procedure from a technical standpoint in a way that lowers the risk of injecting fat into blood vessels, which is the major risk that leads to complications. 

I would suggest you research a number of BBL surgeons - there are many excellent ones including our own practice, others in Miami and here in California, as well as in your back door in New Jersey. Whatever you do, PLEASE do not make your decision purely on price. Look for facilities owned and operated by plastic surgeons who are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Look at before and afters but also ask about any history of complications or deaths at the facility associated with this procedure.

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-- Dr. Sayed

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