Is it safe to breastfeed with implants?

I am a 34 year old mother of three. I have always breastfed my kids and feel very strongly about it. I would never rely on formula unless I had absolutely no other choice in the matter. I am very interested in having my breasts augmented but have some concerns about how healthy it is for a mother with breast implants to breastfeed her children. While I have no intentions on getting pregnant again any time soon, my husband and I have not abandoned the idea of having more children either. So my question is very simple: can you still safely breastfeed when you have implants? Or should I wait until I know for sure if we'll be having more kids before I go for the surgery?


F, 36, Colorado

Hi wendyyy:

It is definitely safe breast feed while you have implants.  Just make sure that you tell your surgeon that you may be planning on having children and there can be some alterations done to the procedure to avoid cutting any more ducts than necessary.

Dr. Ken  Stein