Is it safe to buy Accutane from the internet?

How can I tell if the Accutane I'm buying online is the real thing and if I'm not just being scammed? What do I need to look for as a guideline? I have NOT purchased any yet because I've got these concerns.


This is a prescription medication that has potentially serious side effects, and last I checked, it requires careful monitoring, including lifer function tests.

Go to a doctor and be sure you are a candidate for this treatment.


Absolutely not!  Accutane is a very strong prescription and not all dermatologists are allowed to prescribe it.  Make sure that you are being treated by a licensed medial professional.  

Accutane is a prescription drug that should only be purchased after a full evaluation by a medical professional to access if you are a candidate for the drug. This particular drug has lots of possible side affects. Buying drugs on the internet can be risky because they aren't always controlled by the FDA and could contain possible chemicals or agents that could make your situation worse. Always see Advise from a local Medical professional before starting any prescription medication.