Is it true that I can use coffee grounds for cellulite?

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It sounds totally bogus or too good to be true! I'm crossing my fingers for the latter! I recently read somewhere that you could use coffee grounds for cellulite and my first thought was that I'd have to ingest them! Rubbing the grounds against the cellulite makes way more sense. But before I switch from instant to grinding my own beans, can you confirm for me whether there is truth to that statement? I'm sure there are millions of women out there who'd be thrilled to learn that this was an option.


F, 26, Texas

Hi Adella4:

You can ingest or rub coffee grounds on your cellulite and will get the same improvement-Nothing.  Although it doesn't work equally well for everyone, the only effective long term improvement for cellulite is Cellulaze treatment.

Dr. Ken Stein

No, I don't think it's true.  I've never heard any evidence to support that.  Besides, it's much better to have the coffee to drink ;)