Is knee liposuction the answer for my fat knees?

I realized that no matter how much weight I lose, I don't seem to get rid of the knee fat, which bothers me a lot. It just won't go away. The worse part is that there's no exercise for it either, and this means my only solution is knee liposuction. I promised myself I'll stay away from any cosmetic surgery, but I don't see any other option.


F, 45, New Jersey

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Liposuction to the knees is very effective at treating fat that is resistant to weight loss.  It is a very straightforward procedure that can be done under local or sedation, and has a very quick recovery of only a few days.

It can be. The medial, or inside aspect, of the knee is usually amenable to liposuction, and the result can be quite satisfying. The superior, or area above, the knee can be more problematic to treat and can result in an abnormal appearance if it is treated too aggressively.