Is laser hair removal effective on back hair?

I love my boyfriend but I don't love his hairy back. I know it upsets him that I feel the way I do and he's said that if there was a way to get rid of it that didn't involve wax or electrolysis, he'd consider it. Has back hair removal been an area where laser treatment's had success? Are the results ever permanent? His entire back is covered but some areas are less hairy and there are bald patches. I feel like I'm being really superficial but the truth is he's not crazy about his hairy back either and if it turns out that laser removal has been great at removing back hair, I know we'd both be happy. I just want to get some info before confronting him with the idea. That's not such a bad thing to do, is it?

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Laser hair removal is very common on men and is very successful. It is the best treatment for back hair. Hair removal after an initial 6- 8 treatemnts usually need annual touch-ups. I would suggest visiting a reputable med-spa.