Is liposuction made for love handles as it should be?

I don't know the history or origin of liposuction but I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was invented as a way to tackle love handles. It almost feels like love handles didn't exist until the past few decades! Whatever the case, is it accurate to assume that liposuction would be THE best method of treating love handles? And this only because I have (and still do) employ exercise and diet as means of staying on top of the problem but it's not enough. I'm not impatient. I just need that help.


F, 38, Kentucky

While liposuction was not invented for treatment of just love handles per se, it is the best approach (other than weight loss, and that often still doesn't take care of the love handles fully) for most patients. If you have excess skin or loose skin (especially after multiple children), then a tummy tuck may be required. Lipo is a great adjunct to diet and exercise for many patients and can get you that last bit of shaping that you may be seeking. An in-person consultation is the best way to assess this but we also do remote consultation for out-of-town patients.

-- Dr. Sayed

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Yes, liposuction is perfect for love handles -- I do this surgery all the time.  Please check out the liposuction section on my website for further details (  Good luck.

Dr Jacobs

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