Is making nipples smaller a possibility for men?

I have an unbelievably embarrassing chest. How can a man develop such awful nipples? I'm not even overweight and my breasts looks like I eat only at McDonald's. I didn't even have the courage to add some photos under anonymity but I'm hoping I'll get some answers anyway. I'm terribly eager to address this issue as soon as possible. It has dragged my confidence down for too long.


M, 34, Virginia

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You may have what is called gynecomastia. This is a relatively common condition in men, and depending on how large your breasts are, the breast tissue can be liposuctioned or directly removed. If your areolas are large, then these can be reduced too - sometimes in the same surgery, sometimes at a later date. There are many different options - I'm sorry this has been dragging down your confidence. The good news, however, is that a surgical procedure can likely greatly improve your chest contour.

The simple answer is YES - your problem can be corrected.  So see some experts and be evaluated in person

Dr Corbin

Gynecomastia, or overly large male breasts, can present itself at any time during a male's life - although puberty and/or middle-age are the most common periods when men experience it. The causes are sometimes genetic, sometimes hormonal, and sometimes related to lifestyle (e.g. adverse effects from prescription medicine, anabolic steroids, etc.). The other issue related to the chest area are disproportionately sized nipples or areola. This is when the nipple is larger than it should be relative to a man's breasts.

Whatever your exact situation may be, I recommend that you investigate a few board-certified plastic surgeons in your area who have experience treating enlarged male breasts, gynecomastia, and other reduction procedures. They should be able to work with you to provide the best diagnosis and remedy for your situation. There are several options available to return a male chest to the contour / shape that it should have, running from liposuction to breast surgery.

Each solution has its pros and cons, different price tags, and recovery time.

Without seeing any photos I'm guessing that you have either large breasts, referred to as gynecomastia, or larger than normal nipples or areolas. Either way, there are some relatively simple cosmetic procedures that can help.

Start doing your homework to find board-certified plastic surgeons in your area that have experience in male breast reduction. After an in-person exam they should be able to work with you to determine the issue and your best course of action.

Generally, male breast correction for enlarged breasts can be done via liposuction or male breast reduction surgery. For gynecomastia, liposuction can be used to drain the excess fat and glandular tissue from your chest. In some cases, your plastic surgeon may recommend male breast reduction surgery for your gynecomastia. During this procedure, small incisions are made and excess fatty tissue is removed. Results and recovery time, as always, depend on the individual.

If the problem is related to your nipples / areola -- such as disproportionately large nipples, puffy nipples, etc. -- then you'll likely need male nipple reduction. The plastic surgeons you consult with should have equal experience treating both gynecomastia and oversized nipples.

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Thank you for sharing your question.  Yes, this surgery is possible, and is performed quite regularly.  Many men suffer from Gynecomastia.  Without seeing your photographs, I can assume that you either have Gynecomastia, or large nipple/areolas.  Either issue can be addressed by reducing the Gynecomastia, or reducing the size of your nipple/areolas.  Your best bet would be to have a few consultations with Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in your area.  I hope this information was helpful to you.  

Best Wishes, Dr. B.

Easy fix. Visit your local board certified plastic surgeon for evaluation of gynecomastia. Depending on the severity, an operation can be performed as an outpatient, and you will feel and look a whole lot better.