is miraDry covered by insurance?

Do you think there's a chance insurance will cover my miraDry treatment? I suffer from a sweating condition called hyperhidrosis, which is causes excess underarm and palm sweating. Many people don't take this condition seriously, but I definitely need to solve it. I'm done with sweating like a dog all of the time. Worse case scenario, I'll probably have to pay for it myself, but I don't think my insurance company will have a valid reason to deny this treatment.

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Unfortunately, Miradry is not covered by insurance.  We offer Miradry at our NJ practice and I can tell you that we have many patients with complaints similar to yours.  Miradry has truly been a remarkable treatment for these patients.  You can contact our office at 201-444-9522 or start a consultation with us right here on Zwivel.  

Hyperhidrosis treatments are, in fact, occasionally covered by insurance, but policies vary by state and the specific coverage you’ve purchased. Unfortunately, in most cases miraDry isn’t covered by health insurance as it’s not considered a medical necessity.

However, you should still consult your insurance carrier in order to be certain of where you stand. The medical record created at the consultation for your hyperhidrosis will reflect the severity of your symptoms and the degree to which they are detrimentally affecting your social and professional lives. If your doctor or dermatologist can make a case on your behalf, there’s a possibility your medical insurance provider will pay for the procedure.

That said, even if insurance won’t cover your treatment, miraDry still represents an excellent investment as it results in a permanent reduction of underarm perspiration. It is a non-invasive procedure with an extremely high satisfaction rate. Many patients only require one miraDry treatment to see significant results, while others might require two visits to their doctor. Some offices charge on a per treatment basis, and some for a package of two treatments, which typically costs $3000.

While this represents a significant financial outlay, consider the money you’ll save in the long run by no longer needing to purchase antiperspirants or pay for dry cleaning bills. If cost is a deciding factor, remember that many clinics offer flexible monthly payment plans which enable you to pay the total cost in more manageable installments. I suggest that you schedule a consultation with a miraDry treatment provider near you to discuss payment and treatment options.

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition which can cause sufferers considerable discomfort and detrimentally affect their social wellbeing. There are several FDA-approved treatment options available, among them Botulinum toxin injections and miraDry. miraDry is the only option available that offers permanent sweat reduction, as it uses a highly precise electromagnetic technology which destroys sweat glands.

In general, these treatments are not covered by health insurance plans. It is still worthwhile checking your medical insurance coverage policy, however, as in some cases your dermatologist or doctor can help you argue that the miraDry procedure is a matter of medical necessity.

Even if you do end up having to pay for miraDry treatments out of pocket, it still constitutes a highly worthwhile investment -- excessive sweating can cause unsightly sweat stains on your clothing and leave you with a strong, highly unpleasant body odour that hinders your social and professional life.

If you calculate how much money you spend managing hyperhidrosis, undergoing the miraDry treatment often makes both economic and emotional sense; you’ll no longer have to be concerned about ruining clothes or embarrassing situations like sweating during an important presentations or social occasions.

Many patients who undergo the miraDry procedure only require one treatment to see an impressive reduction in sweating, although some require two. The cost of the procedure has some variability, but usually ranges from $1950-$2100 for the first treatment and $900-$1050 for the second. Package deals are sometimes offered for two treatments, but 80% of patients only require one.

Some clinics also offer a modification to miraDry called High Volume Anesthesia (HVA) which increases the energy delivered by the technology, providing improved results with only one treatment.

I suggest you find a board-certified dermatologist or surgeon to advise you on the most appropriate miraDry treatment plan for your situation. Many clinics offer monthly payment plans to make the procedure more manageable financially.