Is non-surgical rhinoplasty a painful procedure?

Tags: woman age 25-34 nose crooked nose anesthesia

Plastic surgery is common these days, but does anyone here know what it’s really like?

It is my dream to get a nose job done. So I used to go through best before and after photos of rhinoplasty procedure in Toronto (near my house). I have an extremely crooked nose from my childhood days. I didn’t even like the way I looked. I used to keep my face in different angles so that my nose doesn’t get highlighted. But I’m fed up of doing this over and over again. I always play makeover surgery scenes in my head and wish I get it done one day. Even though I wish to get it done badly, I become a bit scared when things reach a stage where I have to go under the knife. Will I be given anesthesia before the procedure? Is it a painful procedure? Please share your insights about this matter.


F, 34, Ontario