Is platelet rich plasma hair treatment for real?

The platelet rich plasma hair treatment was recently brought to my attention by a friend whose husband is considering it. I am not the usual patient, I would think, in that, for one, I am female and have not been battling hair loss for years. In my case, it started during my pregnancy. I was pregnant with my first child at age 37. I had some difficulties with the pregnancy but nothing out of the ordinary. The hair loss was minimal but definitely not just regular hair loss. Once I had delivered and was breastfeeding and dealing with the usual things that one deals with as a new parent and then as a woman who has just grown a person in side of her--my system was out of whack! I had so much on my mind that I wasn't paying close attention to the fact that I was still 'shedding.' When my partner pointed out that there was a balding patch on the right side of my head, off the hairline. I can wear my hair so I can cover the spot but it doesn't seem to be getting better. What do I need to be a candidate for platelet rich plasma treatment? Has it ever been used for hair loss from pregnancy? I'm too young to be worrying about this but I hate to admit that my vanity is getting the best of me. Help, please.

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You should be evaluated by a dermatologist - there could a medical treatment for your bald spot. I do perform Platelet Rich Plasma hair therapy for hair restoration, but will treat medical hair loss (for example, you may have alopecia areata) with a steroid injection or creams. PRP is a great treatment for other types of hair loss.