Is scarless breast reduction a good option? How is performed?

I really want a breast reduction but I am scared that I will have big noticeable incision marks and I really do not want that. Is the scar-less breast reduction my best option if I want to minimize the amount of scarring? If so, can you tell me how it is performed? Is it outpatient and since it is scar-less will I be asleep during the procedure?


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"scarless" breast reduction usually means that the breast volume is reduced with liposuction.  The nice part of this is there is only a tiny scar and shorter recovery period.  But, typically in breast reduction surgery, the nipple is lifted, and in the "scarless" type, this is not accomplished effectively.  Although it may elevate a little, it isn't enough for most people.  It is best for women with large breasts, but minimal sagging.  You should meet with a PS to see if this is an option for you.  Best of luck!

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On another question you are asking about breast augmentation. Are you not sure whether you need a lift, augmentation, reduction, or some combination? As I mentioned in the other reply, Crisalix surgical simulation is a great tool that we use to help patients envision options for breast surgery.

With regard to "scarless" breast reduction, the only scarless technique is liposuction which can reduce bulk in the breasts but does not lift the nipple or remove the loose skin so the cosmetic result for most patients is not as great a shaping improvement as a true breast reduction. All breast reduction techniques other than lipo have at least an incision around the nipple/areola to lift it, and either a horizontal incision in the fold, a vertical one from the fold to the areola, or both of these in addition to the nipple incision. The choice of incisions depends on the skin and tissue excess and laxity and the nipple position.

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