Is Sculptra used for filling sunken cheeks?

Is Sculptra used for filling sunken cheeks, submitted image.

I want to add a bit more volume to my face. I'm not sure if I'm choosing the right filler, but is Sculptra any good?


M, 30, Arizona

The simple answer is YES so be evaluated by experts that use this technique 

Dr Corbin

Yes it can be but you should be consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon to determine the best solution for you. 

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Sculptra works for this, Voluma may be another option. Fat grafting can be a more permanent solution. Hope this helps!

Sculptra can be used successfully for treating broad-based volume loss as you describe.  There are many excellent filler products on the market now and most have a role in facial rejuvenation.  The starting point is an in depth discussion with your surgeon to develop a plan that is right for you.