Is there an age limit for Abdominoplasty?

Is there an age limit? I'm 72.


F, 73, Iowa

Thank you for sharing your question.  There is no age limit.  I have had patients your age choose to have an Abdominoplasty, and some have chosen Liposuction.  They say they wish they did it sooner.  Its never too late.  As long as you have no major health issues, you can have the surgery.  Make sure you consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  I hope this was helpful to you.

Best Wishes, Dr. B.

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no age limit if you're healthy...  oldest patient I ever took care of was 78 for this surgery, and very healthy!

In general, we don't set a fixed limit on patient age as it's more about health and readiness for surgery. We require a medical clearance for anyone over 40 or with medical issues, including a visit to the primary care provider and lab studies. We can do a lot of the evaluation remotely via video consultation and correspond with you and your doctor with your consent and line things up. There are also good local plastic surgeons in your market of course.

We also use surgical simulation for patients considering tummy tucks, lipo and other procedures:

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Hope this helps!

-- Dr. Sayed

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There is really no limit regarding age. The limits are risk related and these tend to be medical condition related. Obviously we always want the treatments that we perform tp be as safe as possible for our patients.

Abdominoplasty is a major operation ... and it is elective surgery.  Certainly no harm in seeking the opinion of a plastic surgeon.  But use caution is deciding to proceed. Even if you are in perfect health, your age could make recovery more prolonged.  And if there are other medical problems (heart disease, diabetes, etc) the operation may not be worthwhile.   If you have excess tissues hanging low off your abdomen, perhaps a lesser operation (called a panniculectomy) could relieve you of those symptoms while not carrying the same major potential problems of a full abdominoplasty.

Good luck!

Elliot JAcobs, MD, FACS

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You would need medical clearance from your doctor to ensure you are a good candidate to undergo this procedure.

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