Is there any way to Avoid Bruising After Facelift?

Is there anything I can do that will help with bruising after my upcoming facelift? I want to minimize any type of blemish. I don’t have too much time to take off from work so I need to reach 100% recovery quick. I will do anything, price is not an issue for me.


F, 55, Tennessee

I ask My patients to avoid aspirin and anti inflammatory medicines for 2 weeks before surgery and consider increasing their  intake of pineapple.  Arnica orally 3 days before surgery and five days afterwards is helpful.  Every patient that i perform a facelift gets PRP (platelet rich plasma) to minimize their bruising.   Make sure your blood pressure is normal or well controlled with meds.

we use some supplements which most patient find helpful.  we also advise against multiple medications before surgery, that could thin the blood.  finally, we can use lasers to reduce bruising in many patients.

There are are many factors involved in bruising:  the extent of the procedure, the skill of the surgeon, how scrupulous the surgeon is in stopping any bleeding, etc.  There are unknown factors, such as how well your platelets will work, if there is any underlying bleeding disorder (this can be checked with appropriate blood tests), how well you follow the doctor's post-op instructions, etc.  And finally, Mother Nature can intervene as well.  Actually, there is no absolute way to prevent or minimize bruising.  Sometimes the use of Arnica (homeopathic remedy) can be useful.

Best advice:  be prepared for some bruising by purchasing some appropriate cosmetics.  Hopefully it won't be as bad as you imagine.

Good luck

Elliot W. Jacobs, MD, FACS

New York City

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