Is there a cream that can be applied to prevent hair bumps?

I shave my legs about once a week and was wondering if there was a cream that is reliable that I could apply to my legs to try and avoid hair bumps? During the summer months, it is very uncomfortable to show these bumps in public. Anything that can be done to prevent or even treat them when I do get them would be tremendous. Thanks!

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Hi Janetteis,

Pseudofolliculitis, or hair bumps, is a common issue for men and women with or without shaving as the initial aggravating factor. You are more likely to get hair bumps with coarser hair, and when shaving with multiple blades in one razor. 

It is first important to use a single blade, if possible, that is disposable, avoiding tugging the skin while shaving, and shaving in one direction. With that said, some products like AmLactin over the counter have lactic acid that help with rough textures skin. After a consult with a dermatologist, they may prescribe something similar that is stronger, like LacHydrin. 

More serious hair bump issues can be treated with chemical peels, topical anti-inflammatories/antibiotics, or more definitively with laser hair removal. 

Good luck!

Jeanine Downie, MD

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