Is there a lip augmentation procedure that is permanent?

Is there a lip augmentation procedure that is permanent, submitted image.

I have a friend that filled her lips with collagen but it seems to be a very costly procedure and the results do not last too long. She keeps revisiting for more injections every couple of month or so. I would like to augment my lips but I do not want to make a habit of it. Is there a procedure that makes lip augmentation permanent or at least last longer?


F, 27, California

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There are several lip augmentation procedures that are permanent from lip implants, to fat or dermal/fat grafts to silicon each has its positive and negative.  So go on some. Insults and become informed what might work best for you after an examination 

Dr Corbin

Hi Lisanessy:

Fat injections can be permanent.  Frequently, the procedure needs to be done 2-3 time to get the permanent result.  I think that has to do with a layering effect of the fat.  I typically charge $1500 plus $300 for operating room fee for the first injection.  For each subsequent injection, I lower the fee to $300 so the total cost is much less than doing repeat temporary injectables.

Dr. Ken Stein